High-end fashion to fire-resistant products and heavy-duty carpets – natural wool is a wonderful renewable fibre.

Sheep Wool : Rambouillet

This cross breed domiciled in upper reached of Himalaya’s in snow bound regions produces fine and medium coarse wool (22 – 28 microns) with similar properties like Merino with a high crimp. Available in four natural colours white, brown, grey and black the herds are certified organic. Available as carded, combed wool, hand spun or machine spun yarn , hand or machine woven fabric yardage or apparels.

Goat Wool : Pashmina (Soft Gold):

Pashmina popularly known as ‘Cashmere’ is well known the world over for its fineness, warmth, softness, desirable aesthetic values, elegance and timelessness in fashion. Softer and warmer than superfine merino wool Pashmina is available in 16 – 17 microns in white colour and we can provide ‘genuine’ wool, yarn and fabric from the grass roots.

Yak Wool :

Reared by nomads in north east Ladakh , 5300 metres above sea level , 22 cooperatives are home to the yak fibre. Molting in early spring provides fine and coarse yak wool in white, brown and black colour in 26 microns. Used mainly as an inner lining or filler for quilts for use in the Alpine regions, it can be blended or dyed in different colours to provide a variety of fabric for Alpine sports outer wear.

Camel Wool :

Bactrian camels with double hump are found in the Nubra valley/ desert in the temperate region of Leh & Ladakh. The undercoat is very soft and the natural colour is a beautiful lustrous brown available in 19 micron and can be woven into high end coat fabric or used as liners for high altitude out door wear clothing.